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Hopefully, This Answers Some Questions ...

Do I Even Need Therapy?

My answer to this question will always be yes!  If you find yourself asking this question, there is something inside of you that wants to change.  Therapy does NOT mean something is wrong with you.  A lot of times we just need a little more than our well meaning friends, family, spouse, or religious figures can give.  No matter what is going on in your life, there is always room for growth and introspection.  I encourage everyone to participate in therapy throughout their life.  This is a journey with no final stop, so if you are considering it, or have people in your life encouraging you, DO IT !  We all need therapy :)


I'm So Nervous, What Do I Expect?

Making the decision to participate in psychotherapy is a difficult task.  It is totally normal to be nervous, apprehensive, skeptical, & even a little embarrassed before coming to therapy.  There is a lot of stigma attached to it and your feelings are understandable.  

However, I often hear from clients, that the experience is not what they expect, in a good way.  It is so important we establish a strong rapport.  At Ray of Light, I work hard to create a comfortable, friendly atmosphere for the work to occur.  Most people feel relieved after their initial visit.  You can expect to work hard, think outside of the box, and be open to change. 

What Is Your Therapeutic Approach?

Despite my down to earth approach, I am a Board Certified Licensed Mental Health Counselor, which means my methods are still based on sound theory and training.  I will employ a lot of strategies based on Cognitive Behavioral theory.  Sessions will focus a lot on how you think about things, and the impact that has on how you feel and behave.  A fellow colleague coined my style Real Talk Therapy: A Cognitive Behavioral Approach (haha).  I am very straight forward, I will challenge you from time to time.  We will laugh, cry, & experience a wide range of emotions, during the therapeutic process.

What is the cancellation/no show policy?

As a courtesy you can cancel or reschedule an appointment for no charge, as long as you provide 24 hours notice. If you cancel an appointment within less than 24 hours notice please be advised there will be a late cancel charge.  If for some reason you fail to show up  for your scheduled appointment without notice, you will be charged the designated session fee.  


There are no exceptions, if for any  reason you can not make it to your scheduled appointment please try to contact your therapist at your earliest convenience.  All late cancel/no show fees are at the client’s expense as the insurance company will not be billed or responsible.

I'm Running Late, Now What?

If you are more than 15  minutes late for your session, you may be assessed a no-show or cancel late fee.  Appointments are scheduled consecutively and if you are running late, it will interrupt/shorten your time and possibly throw off the following appointments. 


Insurance carriers have a time minimum we must meet to be billed, if you are too late, it is a possibility that insurance will not be able to be billed. 


I understand things happen, and I do my best to work with everyone.  In the event that you are running late please contact me as early as possible to mitigate any problems. 

Please keep in mind that if you are  inactive for 30 days of more, your chart may be closed.

Please help, I need these forms filled out!

Helvetica Light is an easy-to-read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.

There may be times during the course of treatment when you need to request documents be completed by your clinician for a variety of reasons (FMLA, disability, reasonable accommodations, mental health status, firearm assessment, etc.).  

In such cases we only provide documentation for clients who have been participating in treatment consistently (limited no shows, reschedules, etc.) for a minimum of 3 months, and sometimes longer.  


We are committed to assisting you with getting the support you need. However, to adequately provide this information, we need to obtain a full clinical assessment, which can only be obtained over time during course of treatment.  All requests must be submitted in writing with the intended purpose included.

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