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Get to Know Me

My name is Angeleta, but you can call me Angel.   

I am the Owner of Ray of Light Mental Health Counseling Services, PLLC and a full time practicing psychotherapist. 

How did I choose to become a counselor?

I believe, like most others in helping professions, I have wanted to help people from a very young age.  As a friend, sister, cousin, daughter, etc. I always found myself in the role of confidante, listening ear, advice giver, and all the other qualities that signaled very loudly to me, my calling to the counseling field. 

Additionally as a human being, I am not exempt from experiencing  life's many challenges.  However, I am grateful for them.  From these challenges I learned, and continue to learn, how to cope, manage, respond to, and process life's hurdles.  As a result, it has become my life's mission to use my natural, God given skills, combined with my professional training, to help others do the same.  So the bottom line is: I want to help you grow!

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